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What we can help with:


  Anxiety / Depression  

  Allergies: Skin & Sinus  

  High Blood Pressure  

  High Cholesterol  

  Acid Reflux  

  Thyroid Disorders  

  Hormone Imbalances

  Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes

  Bariatric Health

  Digestive Health

  Digestive Disorders


  Sleep/Mood/Energy Related Issues

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, create better health, or would like to change your lifestyle habits, P.R.I.M.E. Nutrition has an answer for you. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation, this can be an in-office visit or a virtual consultation from the convenience of your own home. New Patients Can Get Up To 15% Off. Ready to Get Started? Call Us at 636-735-3577!

We focus on your overall individual health and guide you to a healthier, balanced lifestyle.


Schedule an Initial Consult

You’ll meet with a weight loss expert one-on-one to review your health history and goals. We will perform a Body Composition Analysis using our latest technology that will provide us with the most complete assessment of your weight loss goals. This process measures critical factors with up to 99.9% accuracy by assessing the speed of various impulses as they pass through the body.


Body Fat & Fat %  

Body Water & Water %  

   Visceral Fat

   Metabolic Age

   Muscle Mass


Determine Needs

You’ll do a consultation with our doctor, who will determine things like the optimal supplements, dosages, and nutrition your body needs.


Get a Specialized Plan

A targeted plan is created based on your body’s unique needs. With our guidance and support you’ll be on your way to fat loss and true wellness for the rest of your life.